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Despite the title, this isn’t really a book about Bernie Sanders. Rather, it is a book about how the world truly works and why we need both sides of the political aisle to help improve society and the planet.

Many of Bernie’s opponents claim he is crazy, but he is not. Bernie is a good man with good intentions. But he and the other Democrats running for president have some very bad ideas that, if implemented, would reduce your standard of living and restrict your freedoms – substantially. This book will show you why and give you another perspective on how to look at the world. You decide what to do with the information presented.
In this day and age, a book of this type can fray some nerves across the political spectrum, especially those on the Left.  That is not the author’s intent, however. For those whose political persuasions are liberal, progressive or socialist it is beneficial to know the author holds the following positions:
  • Everyone in our country should have sufficient food, clothing and housing
  • Everyone should have an opportunity for higher education
  • Everyone should have access to healthcare, both preventative and treatments
  • A woman should have the right to choose
  • Pay should be commensurate with performance and production
  • Climate change is real and humans have an impact
  • Moving towards equality organically
  • Honesty is the best policy, especially in the economic and political realms (unfortunately, you aren’t going to get honesty from politicians, activists, the media or the education establishment)
However, the author is neither a liberal, progressive, socialist or Democrat. Nor is he a conservative or Republican. Rather, he advocates for freedom in the economic and social arenas, having faith in his fellow humans to assist others who need help. It is not a question of what problems there are in the world – we can all agree on those, whether on the Left or Right. The question is in the solutions to the problems – and those solutions are usually very different for the Left and Right. Some of those solutions are good and fair; others are destructive and unfair.  This book will show you why!

About The Author

J. Kyle deVries is a financial planner who lives in Southern California with his wife, kids, three rescue cats and a rescue dog. Kyle graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Economics, although if he had to do it over again he would be a History major with a minor in Tailgating. He enjoys scuba diving in Hawaii and watching football. He doesn’t enjoy listening to politicians or arrogant pundits.
Very Good Read

Very Good Read

I too am not a Republican or Democrat and have voted both ways in the past. I do think Bernie is a good guy, but I wholeheartedly agree with what Mr. deVries is putting forth here. Great Job!
Jeff W.
Love This Book

Love This Book

If you love our country, you'll love this book! I've worked hard all of my life and greatly appreciate what I have accomplished and what I have to show for it. I don't want to lose it!
Ron S.
I Learned From This

I Learned From This

You did a great job Kyle and I appreciate how you laid forth all of the considerations and concerns you have for what could happen if Bernie takes control. I agree with you!
Jennifer S.