Here's What It's All About

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People have not changed much over the millennia regarding needs, desires and incentives. These impact and are impacted by policies created by government. Some of those policies have promoted progress and freedom while others have resulted in terrible violations of freedom and needless poverty. Yet our leaders refuse to learn from history and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again expecting a different result (or more likely, they are quite aware of the mistakes but ignore them for votes).

In this book you will learn:

  • The most important ingredient to the economy
  • Rights that are truly rights vs. “rights” that are wrongs
  • Everyone is self-interested
  • Nothing can be consumed without effort
  • Trade not only enhances wealth but also transfers knowledge across the world
  • There is a synergy to the economy that is difficult to imagine, but is real and results in an ever-increasing economic pie
  • Competition is vital to increasing wealth
  • Equality is a pipe dream and will never be achieved
  • Why the Green-With-Envy New Deal is a socialist ruse rather than truly attempting to help the environment
  • How it is impossible for Bernie and the other Democrats for president to deliver on all their promises without bankrupting the country and creating devastation in the economy

Entertaining Stories

You will find many humorous and insightful fictional stories throughout the book. These stories will simplify some complex subjects or use analogies to help you better understand the impact of government on the economy and other issues.  Stories included in the book:


  • Money and what it truly represents illustrated by Notsharon, a transgender person who lives alone on a deserted island, overcoming struggles to survive and make her life better until the Bern shows up at her beach.
  • A short history of civilization and how we got to the clash between capitalism and socialism as well as how climate change is the fault of one lesbian who lived over 12,000 years ago.
  • The Tribe, illustrating property rights where you are the hero.
  • A mini-series about Waterman, a black hero living in a privileged, white hamlet in Medieval times who shows how synergy is created in the human economy.

Quotes From The Book

  • Regarding capitalism vs. socialism, “There is nothing wrong with any of the isms; people operating in those systems are the problem.”
  • “A true, direct democracy would have all citizens vote on everything, also known as majoritarianism…all of which most people in this country would be utterly incapable of understanding enough to cast an educated vote. That is why we are a republic, where we democratically elect representatives who are also utterly incapable of understanding enough to cast an educated vote.”
  • “If something as relatively easy to measure and study like nutrition science is complicated and unsettled, climate science has to be complicated to the nth power and very unsettled.”
  • “The Bern believes he has a magic wand that will take us to Nirvana, but it is really a pipe bomb with a timer on it.”
  • “If something is not free, no one has a right to it.”
  • “The best equalizer in history has been economic growth, not government handouts.”